Sam Wildman is a twenty-four year old law student at Arizona State University.

In her free time Sam enjoys reading, writing, and pretty much all things nerdy and/or geeky. This includes – but is not limited to – video games, occasional drunken DnD campaigns, comic books, etc. Her dream job would be working for Sesame Street International or being an office bitch for DC Comics. Though, she never would want to actually live or work in New York City.

Ten Things to Know About Sam:

  • She was born into a military family and claims no hometown. Born in Amarillo, Texas, she has also lived in New York, Alabama, Missouri, California, other parts of Texas, and sort of technically Ohio once. And, of course, Arizona now.
  • At age seven she lost partial hearing in her left ear to a tumor and seven years later she lost even more. She has been hearing impaired most of her life but has never let it get her down or impede her in anyway.
  • As of the summer of 2012 she has visited Canada, Japan, the UK, Spain, Germany, Austria, and France. She has also lived for extended periods in Guatemala, South Korea, and Ireland.
  • Roll Tide!
  • Her PSN, LIVE, and Steam accounts are all ‘samaside’ and you should add her. Be warned, though, Sam sucks horribly at pretty much any and all video games. (Except Pokemon and Mario Kart DS.)
  • The scourge of her life is a one year old, polydactyl cat named Sheldon. He’s a pain in the ass but she loves him anyway. Even if he does use his thumbs for evil more often than not and constantly drags her roommate’s smelly, dirty socks into her room. The new kitten, Loki, who is also polydactyl and additionally heterochromatic, is not as evil. But only by a bit.
  • She graduated from the University of the Pacific in 2010 with a degree in international relations and political science.
  • She speaks Spanish and Korean poorly and studied Japanese for a year in college. He most recent endeavor is Dari which she thinks is a freakin’ awesome language in general.
  • When she graduates from law schools he hopes to go into prosecution and work for some sort of government agency.
  • Someday she will write a great YA novel. Until then, though, she’ll stick to law.

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